Medical Expert Legal Consulting, PLLC

Our company can provide medical expert consulting services to attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies, healthcare facilities, other medical-legal consultants and private corporations. We assist with discovery; conducting research; reviewing medical records; organizing them in chronologies when needed; identifying standards of care; preparing reports and summaries on the extent of injury or illness; preparing life care plans; and locating expert witnesses.

While you, the attorney are the expert on legal issues, we can help you sort through your clients medical records and help interrupt medical terminology that may be critical to your case. Sometimes it is the information NOT in medical records that matters. As healthcare professionals, we are familiar with standards of care, protocols and the inner workings of the healthcare system.

Belonging to the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse ConsultantsĀ® allows us access to the latest literature and research, as well as contact to an extensive database to locate medical and nursing experts in any field throughout the country. With our knowledge of the standards of care and our ability to research and review medical records, we are able to find any deviations and/or adherence in care quickly.